Briar Hill Sofa Upholstery Replacement Chair, 8 Gauge 25" Spring 4pk with S Clips, Metallic

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  • DURABLE - High carbon 8 gauge tempered no sag loop spring, designed for seating in furniture upholstery, automotive, or other applications.
  • NO SAG - No Sag refers to the steel, a sinuous s curve shape, has been shaped (tempered) in a way that when weight is applied it pushes back to allow for a more comfortable softer feel.
  • 25” LONG - Measuring at 2 inches wide x 25 inches in length with the S loops 1 inch apart, comes in a pack of 4 durable oil coated steel springs, and 12 s clips used to attach the springs to the upholstery piece.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY - Our products are used by upholstery professionals within the furniture industry. You can rest assured that this product has commercial grade durability at an affordable cost. Why replace your furniture when you can repair it at a fraction of the cost?

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