Briar Hill 5/32 Polyurethane Foam Welt 25 Yard Spool, Semi-Firm, Marine and Outdoor Use

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  • CRAFT - Designed for applications used for Outdoor, Auto, Marine, Home upholstery trim or other craft projects.
  • 25 YARDS - Measures at 25 yards long, 5/32” thick (most common size used in upholstery). The product also comes on its OWN durable chipboard SPOOL for easy storage ready for your next project!
  • DURABLE - The polyethylene extruded foam welt is semi-firm so it’s able to maintain its shape to give your piece that crisp finished structure!
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY - Our products are used by upholstery professionals within the furniture industry. You can rest assured that this product has commercial grade durability at an affordable cost. Why replace your furniture when you can repair it at a fraction of the cost?

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