Briar Hill 25 Yard 5/32 Double Twin Polyester Welt Cord Piping, Semi Firm

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  • DESIGNED for applications used for drapery, pillows, upholstery trim, or other craft projects and embellishments to give the piece an added elegance, the welt is medium-firm, so it will hold its shape in applications where that is a benefit
  • MEASURES at 25 yards in length, each strand of the welt is 5/32” thick (most common size used in upholstery) The product also comes on its OWN durable chip board SPOOL so you can use some for one project and keep in nicely wound for the next idea!
  • DURABLE polymeric core covered by uniform braided cellulose encasing, the two welt pieces are held together by a braided encasing loose enough to sew between the pieces, the welt is a semi-firm so it is able to maintain its shape to give your piece that crisp finished structure!
  • DIY UPHOLSTERY is a growing hobby, our company provides quality, affordable upholstery supplies to help you complete your projects with that professional finish staying under you budget!

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