Briar Hill 13" Upholstery Metal Tack Strip for Sofa Chair Furniture DIY Reupholstery, 5-Pack

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  • SEAMLESS - Designed for creating a straight line finish on the outside back, outside arms, or other portions of upholstery pieces to create a seamless finish to your piece.
  • 13” LENGTH - Measuring at 13 inches by .5 inches with 10 per package, standard in the upholstery industry and the ideal size for the front portion of a sofa or smaller sections of upholstery chairs.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Best to apply tack strips using a rubber mallet and strike the back where the spike is to prevent bending or breaking. If using more sensitive fabrics, try covering your mallet with other soft fabrics or leather.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY - Our products are used by upholstery professionals within the furniture industry. You can rest assured that this product has commercial-grade durability at an affordable cost. Why replace your furniture when you can repair it at a fraction of the price?

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