Upholstery Welt Cord & Piping Cord

Upholstery Welt Cord & Piping

Give your upholstery and craft projects that finished, professional look with our high-quality and  affordable upholstery piping and welt cords. Available in a variety of materials, each of our welt and upholstery piping cords are sold at fixed lengths and wrapped around a sturdy spool, so you can use a few yards for one project while keeping the rest of your cording nicely wound for your next indoor or outdoor upholstery project.

What is welt cord and upholstery piping cord?

Welting, a term synonymous with piping and cording, is used when reupholstering furniture and making home decor like throw pillows. Welting and piping cord is the filler that’s inserted and often sewn into upholstery seams to define the edges and reinforce seam durability, while decorative cording creates embellished designs to give pieces added accents and elegance. Think of it as a small “pipe”, which is where the term upholstery piping comes from, that provides shape and support. Upholstery piping cord and welt cord for upholstery both come in a variety of thicknesses and materials and are meant to be covered with your own fabric.

Upholstery Piping and Welt Cord Materials and Uses

Three common welting and piping cord materials are:

  • Polyester — A semi firm cellulose core material, polyester welt cord is ideal for indoor use. It’s mainly used for upholstery applications, cushions, throw pillows, draperies and window treatments.
  • Foam — Being a semi-firm welt cord piping that maintains its shape and is also resistant to mildew and mold, foam cording is good for outdoor piping uses, like with outdoor pillows and cushions, as well as marine and auto use.
  • Cotton — The most pliable and softest piping of the three, as well as machine washable, cotton welt piping is often used for bedding, draperies, pillows, window treatments and upholstery trim projects. It’s not recommended for outdoor use.