Briar Hill Metal End Clips for Rubber Upholstery Webbing, Chair Furniture Repair (100pc)

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  • 2" LONG - Measuring at 2" in length x 1/2" wide and includes 100 metal webbing clips per package.
  • DIVERSE - Our Clips can attach to several types of 2" webbing, including jute, rubber, elastic, traditional Pirelli webbing, to the frames of your indoor or outdoor furniture.
  • EASY - All you need is a vise or pliers to clamp the webbing inside the metal clip, then insert the clip into a 90-degree slot on your furniture. If your chair or furniture piece does not have a slot you can simply put a screw into the center hole to secure the clip to the frame.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY - Our products are used by upholstery professionals within the furniture industry. You can rest assured that this product has commercial-grade durability at an affordable cost. Why replace your furniture when you can repair it at a fraction of the price?

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