Upholstery Webbing & Clips

Upholstery Webbing & Clips

Furniture upholstery webbing is the material typically found in most sitting furniture. Upholstery webbing for chairs and sofas sits underneath the seat cushions, giving furniture the functional and structural support needed to sustain the weight of both seat cushions and bodies. It essentially makes furniture useable, as well as provides a firm, yet flexible and comfortable sitting area.

Common Upholstery Webbing Types

If you have a chair with a sagging cushion or are reupholstering a chair or couch, you’ll need to replace the webbing. Depending on your furniture project, here are the common types of upholstery webbing you can use:


The most standard furniture upholstery webbing, jute is an all-natural and sustainable fiber that has minimal stretch. Jute webbing is used with personal and commercial upholstery projects, as it’s known for its durable seat and structural support with chairs and sofas. You can also use jute webbing as decoration with arts and craft projects.


A synthetic material, rubber webbing is both strong, flexible, resistant to tears or breaking. Our rubber webbing is imported from Italy and has been known to last for up to 20 years.


This is another synthetic upholstery webbing type. Its fibers are durable, as well as rot and mildew-resistant, so it can be used for outdoor sitting furniture and won’t damage or lose its strength when wet.


Light, yet strong, and resistant to mold, polyurethane webbing can be used to add support or structure to indoor and outdoor seats.

Why You Need Upholstery Webbing Clips

Upholstery webbing clips are most often used to attach rubber webbing to sitting furniture. But we offer an assortment of webbing clips designed to attach the different types of upholstery webbing to your indoor and outdoor furniture projects.