Spring Repair Kit 16 Gauge Paper Wrapped Wire w/ Sofa Furniture Stay Clips- 40 Clips, 20ft of Wire

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DESIGNED to attach paper wrapped wire to your sofa chair or other furniture seat springs to create one uniform platform and improve durability over time

EACH package comes with 40 stay wire clips that are attached together allowing you to keep them together and 20ft of 16 gauge durable paper wrapped covered wire made in the USA!

DURABLE the wired is covered by a twisted kraft brown paper to mitigate friction and noise from the clip and spring while someone is sitting in the furniture. Please caution and hold each end of the wire with two hands when clipping off the zip tie to open

INSTALLATION take the wire and place it on the spring location you want to fasten together. Place the clip over the wire and spring and use pliers or clip tools to pinch the clip closed bending the two ends down

COMMERCIAL durability at an affordable cost. WHY replace your furniture when you can repair it at a fraction of the cost?