25ft Flex-Grip, Curve Ease- Flexible Metal Tack for Upholstery

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DESIGNED for upholstery applications to fasten fabric to the frames of furniture chairs or sofas that have curved, straight or irregular shapes commonly used to finish edges on curved arms, wingback or arched portion of chairs

QUALITY galvanized medium metal finish with 3 tooth locking design is perfect for creating a tighter finish on those curved and difficult upholstery areas

MEASURES at 25ft long of flexible tack strip perfect for an upholstery project for 1-2 pieces. We are the only supplier to provide flexible tack strip in shorter lengths, why buy more than you need to finish your project? Now you don't need to!

DIY UPHOLSTERY is a growing hobby, our company provides quality, affordable upholstery supplies to help you complete your projects with that professional finish while staying under your budget!