Upholstery Tack Strips & Springs

Upholstery Tack Strips & Springs

With our assortment of easy-to-use upholstery tack strips and springs, you can create crisp, clean edges on your upholstery projects while at the same time ensuring the right amount of firmness and bounce in your upholstered seat.

Common Types of Upholstery Tack Strips & Uses

Metal Tack Strip

Metal tack strips are pre-punched and, like the name says, tacks the fabric into place. It creates a thin-edged definition without the need or appearance of staples (you use an upholstery hammer to hammer it in place). Upholstery metal tack strips can be used with many different types of fabrics and leather furniture.

Flexible Metal Tack Strip

This type of upholstery tack strip is used when you need a finished edge while fastening fabrics to curved parts of furniture, like wingbacks, curved arms and arched part of chairs, where a straight metal tack strip just won’t work. Flexible metal tack strips for upholstery have a teeth side and hole side that is stapled onto the frame and pinched closed with the fabric inside creating a seamless finish.

Cardboard Tack Strip

Cardboard tack strip is best used on parts of an upholstery project that the eye does not see, such as the back of a chair or underneath the arms of a sitting chair, or used with piping to prevent it from drooping.

Upholstery Springs

The main purposes of upholstery springs are to absorb shock while also providing the perfect combination of firmness and elasticity to chair and couch seats. Whether for seats or seat backs, we offer a variety of coil and zig-zag springs to keep your upholstered furniture strong and comfortable after you finished your upholstery project.