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One of the last steps of any upholstery project is stapling on a dust cover or black cambric to the bottom of the piece. Cambric is a synthetic polypropylene material that is very light and has a light stretch to it allow you make a nice tight finish.  It is very flexible and easy to work with but in today's post we want to share a few quick steps to stapling on black cambric to the bottom of a chair.  Application: Most of the time cambric is used to prevent dust from getting up inside furniture, however cambric is used...

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In this blog post we are going to about how to use upholstery cardboard tack strip. This upholstery component is one of the most basic supplies to transform a chair or other furniture into a masterpiece. The technique is very simple, so let's dive right in! Application: Upholstery chipboard tack strip is typically used for the outside arm, outside back or other portions of your chair or furniture that require a straight edge. In the sofa below we also used it to create a decorative small foamed section to give the piece some more character! Supplies Upholstery Cardboard Tack Strip: The most...

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Upholstery tack strips are a necessary component to creating a clean finish on any new or re-upholstered furniture. We want to show you a few tricks of how to apply it and the tools we used to accomplish that. Our commercial grade metal upholstery tack strips are great when used on the front edge, outside arm and outside back of sofa's chairs or other applications.  Supplies: *Standard straight edge metal tack strip is best used for straight edges, you can find them in 13", 24", and 30" are most common sizes. *Rubber mallet, or a soft end hammer, sometimes plastic...

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