How To Repair and Replace Zig Zag Furniture Springs for your Upholstery Sofa Chair or Couch

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How To Repair and Replace Zig Zag Furniture Springs for your Upholstery Sofa Chair or Couch

We get questions all the time on how to go about installing or repairing, replacing your old broken couch spring with new ones, what tools you should be using and where to get the upholstery supplies to finish your project.

Instead of spending tons of cash to buy a new sofa, why not repair it or reupholster it and put that money towards something you would really enjoy.

So let's dive right in!

Step #1: How Long Should Your Spring Be?

  • The easiest thing to do is measure the old spring that you have just taken out, with a flexible fabric measuring tape. If you are building a new piece you will want to get the inside measurement starting from the inside front rail to the inside of the back rail. Whatever that length is will be the ideal length of your spring. You want to get a nice tight pull on the spring especially for the seat, so that it does not sag too much.

EXAMPLE: If your measurement from the inside front rail to inside front rail is 25" then you would need a 25" spring


Step #2: Attaching your Spring Using S Clips

  • Attach S Clips to the frame using nails, screws or upholstery spring staples. Start with the back 2 holes first, insert your spring, then finish with the front 2 holes.


*Tips: If using screws pre-drill a hole to prevent the wood from cracking, we recommend a minimum 1” length screw


  • After attaching one side of the spring securely to the first S Clip attach the second S Clip to the opposite side of the frame (back two holes first)
  • Next using pliers or a spring puller stretch the spring to the opposite side S Clip. *We recommend using 2 people to help stretch the spring if you are only using pliers.


  • Fasten the front 2 holes over the attached spring and you are finished!


Step #3: Spacing

  • Springs should be spaced 4-5” apart to ensure an even and strong platform


Step #3: Attaching Wire and Stay Clips to Springs

  • In order to prevent wear on the seat deck a common practice in upholstery is putting a paper wrapped wire and clips or upholstery twine to hold the springs together, so they support  and distribute the weight better.
  • We use paper wrapped wire so there is no metal on metal rubbing and thereby preventing squeaking or noise as someone sits in the chair.
  • Take your wire and cut it to length a few inches beyond each side of the springs.
  • Take your pliers or a pneumatic Hartco tool and put the clips, paper wrapped wire and spring and pinch the clip over the wire and spring, securing them together. 

*Tip: We recommend putting 2 strips of wire for the seat springs attaching a stay wire clip to each spring. So if you have 4 springs that means you should have 2 pieces of wire and 8 clips.


Where to find the supplies? All of the supplies used in this post can be purchased at

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  • Devin

    Hey all! Thank you for your comments. I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible in this post :)

    Steven – Good work on removing your spring from the S-Clips! Thats the hardest part. I would recommend using a solid pair of End Cutting Pliers to slowly clip or peel back the metal that binds the wire to the spring. If you can’t get it off, simply snip the wire itself, and then add new bindings from your new spring to the current ones. Hope that helps!

    Arthur – all our products are available in our Upholstery Storefront, easily located at the menu above. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email our support staff by using the Contact Us menu page above!

    John – the wire you are most likely referring to is commonly called Fiber Rush, and is available in two different sizes and two different quantities in our storefront.

    Thanks everyone, hope this clears things up!

  • Steven

    Thanks for this. I have a good couch with a broken spring on the seat of the couch. I have been able to remove the spring from both S Clips on the frame. However I can’t seem to remove the clip that attaches to the paper wire running down the middle of the springs. Any ideas on how to remove that clip ?

  • Arthur Wallace

    Need 3 s springs and kit to install. Where can I get this product

  • James Hockin

    The frames the springs are attached to are metal with the springs inserted into holes in the metal frame. The seat in the couch says on both ends where people sit most. The springs are not broken but may be attached.

  • Blanca

    T This is a real good and instructional class. Wonderful!

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